Mixing locations

The course fee of $399 applies ONLY to cases where you take ALL of the course at the same location. If you want to mix locations or make up classes that you have missed (or expect to miss), there is an additional (flat) fee of $25.

IMPORTANT: You must first register for one of the course locations, Then proceed to Mix locations or Make up missed classes.

MIXING INFORMATION-  Please follow this 4-step process to mix locations or make up missed course components:   Note, there is a one-time fee of $25 to mix locations or make up classes missed.   Please follow the instructions to pay this fee on-line.      Please allow at least 48-hours for processing.
Note: Each course consists of these 6 components:  Reading, Writing, Science, Essay, Math part 1 and Math part 2…..BUT are NOT necessarily taught in the same order for each school.
1) Please select all 6 course components from the following list.
2) Pay the $25 processing fee on-line.
3) See the schedule below and type your student’s name next to each date for the various schools where the student WILL be taking each of the 6 components. Then copy and paste the list and e-mail the entire listing/ schedule below back to MartGagnon@aol.com.
Dr. Gagnon will review your request and contact you if it correct and confirmed.   Your request is NOT confirmed until you receive this back from Dr. Gagnon.
4) Receive confirmation from Dr. Gagnon that your request has been approved.    If you do not get a confirmation, please alert Dr. Gagnon.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We post the room numbers on the schools’ FRONT doors each day…..sometimes our room numbers may change, so please check each day before coming to class.

The 6 parts of each School-based course are:

M-1–Math part 1
M-2–Math part 2

STEP 1: What date did you pay the $25 fee to process your request to mix location?_________(Note: your request will be considered only after you have paid this fee.)

STEP 3: then (IMPORTANT!) e-mail this entire form back to MarthaGagnon@aol.com.  She will check for accuracy and confirm your request or let you know if there is a conflict.  Your request is NOT final until you hear back from Dr. Gagnon.   Also, please private us with contact telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  (Allow at least 48 hours for processing.)

STEP 4: Receive confirmation via e-mail from Dr. Gagnon and bring the confirmation to each class.

Parent’s contact telephone numbers:________________

Parent’s e-mail addresses:_______________________

Centennial—(Ellicott City) all 6:00-8:00 pm
September 17, 2018,- Reading
September 24–Writing
September 26- Math part 1
October 1- Science
October 2- Essays
October 3- Math part 2

Good Counsel–(Olney)
September 16, 2018- -Reading (12:00-2:30)
September 16, 2018–Writing (2:30-4:00)
September 23- Math part 1 (12:00-2:30)
September 23- Math part 2 (2:30-4:00)
September 30- Science (12:00-2:30)
September 30- Essays (2:30-4:00)

Howard (Ellicott City)– all 6:00-8:00 pm
September 20, 2018- Reading
September 24- Math part 1
September 25- Writing
September 27- Science
October-2- Math part 2
October 4- Essays

Reservoir–(Fulton) all 6:00-8:00 pm
September 17, 2018- Math part 1
September 20- Math part 2
September 24- Reading
September 26- Writing
October 1- Science
October 3- Essays

South Carroll (Sykesville)–
September 16, 2018- Math part 1 (12:30-3:00 pm)
September 16- Math part 2 (3:00-4:30)
September 23- Reading (12:30-3:00)
September 23- Writing (3:00-4:30)
September 30- Science (12:30-3:00)
September 30- Essay (3:00-4:30)

St. John’s Prep (Frederick County)
September 16, 2018-Reading (12:30-3:00)
September 16- Writing (3:00-4:30)
September 23- Science (12:30-3:30)
September 23- Essay (3:00-4:30)
September 30- Math part 1 (12:30-3:00)
September 30- Math part 2 (3:00-4:30)

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