Registration Information

Dr. Gagnon offers 3 class types to help students prepare for the SAT, PSAT and ACT:

1) School-based courses (class sizes typically range from 25-40) [click to begin registration]
2) Semi-private Tutorials (class size limit is 10)
3) Private tutoring (1:1)

Schedules for School-based courses are listed here. Please continue to scroll down for the Semi-private Tutorial Option.

Policies for School-based courses

Location within the school: The room number will be posted on the school’s FRONT door each day. Check the front door EVERY class.  

CANCELLATION/ POSTPONEMENT of a class: IMPORTANT! In the event of inclement weather (or other issue) and the possibility of a class cancellation or postponement, please note that we follow this policy:

For classes taking place in public schools in Howard County, Carroll County and Frederick County, we must follow their policies which stipulate that when their schools are closed, all evening and day activities are also cancelled. If class is cancelled for a specific date, we will advise you of a make-up date in one of two ways: 1) in an announcement made in your next class OR 2) in an e-mail or telephone message.

For classes taking place in public, private, independent schools in any county, a decision to hold class or cancel is made by officials at each school. If you do not hear from us or from someone at that school at least one hour before class is to begin, please assume that the class will take place. In the event that you are uncertain, you may e-mail us (at least 2 hours before class is to start) with regard to the status of the class.

Dr. Gagnon reserves the right to cancel any course. If Dr. Gagnon cancels a course, she will issue a full refund to anyone who has paid, or if the parent prefers, transfer the registration to another location, should one be available.

Note: School-based course schedules are posted here.

FEES: $399 The fee includes tuition, a workbook, exclusive access to an on-line tutorial, strategy hand-outs, and a $25 non-refundable registration fee. Part of the fee benefits the school or the PTSA.

REGISTRATION: To register on-line for School-based courses (ONLY) , using a credit card, click here.

Cancellation policy: All requests for a refund must be made in writing and received before the first day of the class. All refunds are subject to the $25 non-refundable registration fee.


SEMI-PRIVATE TUTORIALS ( 2-8 students in each class)

Classes are very small: the range is 3-10 (maximum) students. Students receive 12-14 hours of instruction. These classes are intensive and thorough. Students are assigned homework which is checked. Student progress is monitored carefully. Content: special attention is given to the critical reading, writing skills and mathematics portions of the new SAT and PSAT. The course includes a thorough review of math concepts, definitions, and skills. An individualized strategy is developed for each student. Effective critical reading techniques are taught. Semi-private classes also emphasize vocabulary development, grammar skills, essay writing, and confidence building. Please call Dr. Gagnon for fees and other details (410)442-1600, extension 1

Dr. Gagnon and OR her instructional tutors teach Semi-private Tutorials. Class size is 3-10. (Must commit to the 6-class program. Make-up classes may be possible—if arranged well in advance.) Classes meet in Dr. Gagnon’s Woodbine office on Daisy Road. Students must come for an Initial Consultation for a full evaluation of previous testing before starting a Semi-private Tutorial.

Semi-private tutorials are scheduled throughout the year. Please check this site for added sections to help students prepare in advance for each administration of the SAT or PSAT: January, March/April, May, June, October, November, and December.

Schedule for Semi-Private Tutorials:

Semi-private tutorials: Location: Woodbine Office
Registrants for these classes listed below must contact Dr. Gagnon BEFORE registering.



The schedule is posted on the home page.

 Students select the section most convenient for their schedules.   They should attend all dates listed for that section.  (Some times we can mix dates/ sections, if students have scheduling conflicts……if we plan well in advance.) Please contact Dr. Gagnon for more details about the schedule.

TO REGISTER: Please contact me via e-mail as soon as possible for fees and the registration procedure:

Before registering for a Semi-private Tutorial, please contact Dr. Gagnon at (410) 442-1600, extension 1.



A limited number of private tutoring sessions is available during the school year. Please call Dr. Gagnon to schedule. Dr. Gagnon and her staff conduct private tutoring sessions.