Jump Start AP Calculus

Location: South Carroll HS, Sykesville, MD

Session 1: July 30 – August 3, 9am – 12 noon
Session 2: August 6 – August 10, 1pm – 4 pm

Help your student get a jump on calculus for next year. This 15-hour class includes every topic required for calculus, including:

Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Algebra

• Linear functions through quadratics and polynomial operations, rational and radical functions

• Exponential and Logarithmic functions

Trigonometry and the Unit Circle

• Working with the unit circle

• Trig identities and solving trig equations

Limits and Basic Derivatives

• The first two chapters of calculus

About the instructor, Mr. Kevin Giffhorn
• 19 years experience teaching calculus
• 2011 Maryland HS Math Teacher of the Year

For more information and a complete topic list visit: marthagagnon.comor call: (410) 442-1600 ext. 1